Hello There!


Who is Catherine Ann?
I am a sojourner, seeking to live simply and love much. 
Christ follower, Beauty seeker, writer, herbalist, pastor's wife, ministry director, lover of words, birds and all manner of small things ... and what you'll hear me called most of all: MOM (or if my youngest is calling me, MUM!).

A lover of the written word, I am the former Senior Editor at homesteadblogger.com and Front Porch Team writer at homeschoolblogger.com.  My work has been published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, The Essential Herbal Magazine, and in various newsletters and online sites, such as The Renegade Farmer and Folk Wisdom.

I blog about my love of all things simple, herbal, and home at Simple Herbal Home.
This space is my place to encourage you and tell my part of His Story.  And because I love good food, beautiful words, nature, family, community, and lovely, needful things- I will share those with you, too. 
Posts here will be written like a note from a friend, from my heart to yours.  
I'd love to hear from you, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email

Catherine Ann