Word for 2017 ~ Freedom

My word for this year chose me.  Actually, Freedom pursued me.  
In books and blog posts, sermons and song lyrics, it kept shining forth in so many places I dared not take notice.  

And of course, since I asked for a word and waited for it to find me- it is exactly what I need.  
Really, who among us doesn't need a little freedom somewhere in their life?
I have a whole list of areas where I plan to choose Freedom-

Free from expectations- my own as well as other people's.
Free to say No when it is the right thing for me, and free to say Yes! when I want to.
Free to live and love my life and let others think and say what they may.

More about those and others on my list soon.  But for now, how about you? 

What is your word for 2017?  I'd love to know what yours is if you chose one.  If not, why not now?  
Grace & Peace to you.


Catherine Ann