Moving Slowly into the Christmas Season

photo credit: Elena Ferrer

It's taken a while for me to slowly move into the Christmas season this year. Some seasons are like that, it just takes time for it to feel right.

After a busy Thanksgiving followed by some pretty nasty colds/viruses/bacterial infections that ran the gamut through the family, we are slowly recovering and getting into the Christmas spirit.  The tree is up and finally decorated.  One daughter is ordering gifts online, one is crafting away, and one is baking Christmas cookies.   'Tis the season at last.

I love the photo above, with the simplicity of the fresh greenery and the gingerbread cookie reindeer ... Won't work for chairs in my home since we have a big, furry, white dog that would surely eat the cookies as quickly as they were tied on, but I'm thinking maybe cinnamon applesauce ornaments instead and used as a window garland ... or maybe along the mantel

I've got a ton of ideas all tucked away neatly on my Pinterest Christmas board.  I thought you might like to take a look, there might be just the thing you are looking for pinned there.  I'll never make or do all I have collected, but I do love to have lots of options and ideas to choose from.  


I've also got a whole list of simple, herbal gifts to make.  I will share a few of those with you very soon.

What is your favorite gift to make and give at Christmas?