Give Me Joy

My prayer for this season ... give me a joy full, joy filled life.  
In the midst of my oldest child growing up and spending a summer doing missions- staying in college dorms and flying across the ocean to Sri Lanka ... in the midst of the many details involved in getting not just her, but 2  family members prepared for a trip to the other side of the world (passports and visas, and travel arrangements, and, and, and ... oh my) ... in the midst of learning to live with 3 teenagers in the house (oh the drama some days, but oh the absolute fun they are on other days) ... in the midst of a lot, lot, lot of changes in ministry (some good, some necessary, some painful) ... in the midst of a simple everyday life ... God give me Joy.  
Mother Teresa once said that joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.  
Give me that kind of Joy, Lord!

What are you praying for these days?  I  would be honored to pray for and with you, please leave your requests in the comments below.  


Catherine Ann