When Loving is Hard

OK, fair warning: This post is not the typical encouraging words, simple living, type of thing that is the focus of this blog.  But, it is needed.  I need to write it maybe more than some of you need to read it, because writing helps me sort out my own thoughts and feelings, and there are so many conflicts in both these areas at present.  But, for the brave of heart, who believe that we serve a God who suffered for us and calls us to walk with Him in the suffering of others ... read on if you dare.  And there is good news at the end! 

Yesterday Ann, this precious woman who takes the most stunningly beautiful photographs and pens words bursting with glory of God; she writes about Iraq, and the horror, and the evil, and calls us to wake up, get out of our North American rat race for a moment and do something in the face of such atrocities. And it is hard- hard to stomach the ugly, hard to even think about it ... and what can one person do to make a difference anyway?

"But that, that is over there, that's not our problem.", some say.  Oh yes, they do.  But a child is precious and worth protecting whether they are born on foreign soil or in our privileged (I wonder?), safe (not so much anymore), pampered North America.  All human life is precious in the eyes of its Creator, and should be to us as well. 

And just a reminder, evil and violence come not just at the hands of ISIS- *** WARNING Graphic details in this story that make every cell in my body scream with outrage, but evil needs to be called to account, and here is the ugly, disgusting truth happening in 'my part of the world': on trial for abuse of infant
Yes, if you dared go there, I left out part of the headline, because I can't even type it.  What kind of evil person does this?  One who doesn't know Jesus

This isn't just some isolated case here in the Bible belt, where there are churches on many corners, and we think we are civilized and 'good' ... no.  You only have to scan the headlines to see other stories of children abused and used by evil right here in Texas, and all over North America.  The abuse and trafficking of women and children is very much alive all over the world.

It is time for us to stand up as another mother called mothers of her day to do many years ago, and fast and pray together, cry out together, walk together, do what good we can together to end these things which break God's heart and should break ours as well.   Evil must be overcome with good.

One of the greatest joys we have as Christians is helping each other find the light, and reminding each other that there really is a remedy for darkness.  ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee

I began writing this post on Tuesday but was called away to tend to a loved one who needed me.  When I got online to edit and finish my post today I saw this:  How You All Crushed It
Yes!  Our lights, however small they appear to our own eyes, when they shine together are pushing back the darkness with acts of LOVE
Keep shining dear ones.  LOVE wins!


Catherine Ann


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