After a week, oh what a week(!)- of tax filing, 2 memorial services back to back on the same day, and a birthday party (My 'baby' will be 13 on Monday!).  A week when all of the little details and to dos  press in and stress and strain, and after a while my heart pounds, my brain refuses to make even simple decisions like 'What's for dinner?', and I want to crawl under the covers and hide, or get in the van and drive far, far away, just to have a little peace and quiet.

I wake up early, pull out my Bible, sit a while and read; and I remember the promises, words I've hidden in my heart for times such as these.  The verse above is one I turn to time and time again, a reminder that I don't have to bear these burdens ...

Jesus says, "Come to Me, weary, burdened, headed for burn-out Mama.  Lay those crazy-making things that you are stressing and worrying over right down.  They are too heavy for you, but not for Me.  Sit at My feet.  Don't be afraid.  Trust in Me.  I have overcome the world.  Your troubles are no match for my strength and power.  Rest."

Why do I wait until I'm at the edge of sanity to remember?  Why this soul amnesia?  Why do I think that I could or even should bear these burdens alone?  I don't know, but I do know that when I come to the end  of myself and reach up, He is there waiting, offering peace, blessed quiet, and joy for my soul.

So, if you've had one of those weeks, or days, or what seems like a whole season of burdens too heavy to bear.  Remember, rest and refreshment are only a prayer away.

I pray for a weekend filled with the blessing of resting in Him, for peace that passes understanding, and abundant life-giving Joy for your soul.


Catherine Ann