Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pondering the Power of Words

 "Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it."  
~Marianne Williamson

Printing this as a reminder to be mindful of what type of energy I am spreading these days.

Pondering these timely words from Study in Brown today (which  is also where I read the above words of wisdom).  

Our words are very powerful.  
Tools for building up, or sadly, when ill used- for tearing down.

I am learning that what one says and what another hears are often polar opposites.   And that I must remember to do all I can to be certain others really hear the message I am speaking and not some twisted version of it.  That very thing happened recently.  In this instance, it wasn't even spoken words, but written ones; and I learned all too well that to some people, beginning a note with please, ending with thank you, and even  including a :) in effort to convey a friendly request,  can still  be perceived otherwise.    Unfortunately, this  led to a lot of other words being shared- texts, emails, talks, and more drama than this peace-seeking mama can tolerate with grace.  
And after all my efforts to communicate with this person seem to be falling flat, I have to wonder if in this instance, it is my issue at all? 

What do you do when someone simply can't (or won't) hear what you are saying?  
I think perhaps the best thing to do now is to  offer the gift of silence and much prayer.   
And perhaps see if I can send some positive energy their way :) .  

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