Monday, August 20, 2012

Shifting Seasons

(This tree was the first hint of fall this year!)

So ready for autumn leaves and a cool breeze!

It's been a busy, busy summer.  A good kind of  busy, with many worthwhile happenings such as:

a mission trip to Galveston, where we made new friends and did 4 days of street camps with the most beautiful people-

(little girls always love to 'do hair', don't they?)

(our room on a good day ... still doing laundry from this one!)

We've also been clearing and cleaning and preparing to move our Youth/Children into a new building at church (so many plans for that in the coming days!).  

And at the top of my mama's to do list this week- making home learning plans for one elementary student, one middle schooler, and a high school student. 
A tad bit overwhelming at times (on those days I'd like to go back to the beach and just stick my head in the sand) ... 

Other days, I realize that I'm just the mama, HE is the teacher.  Much comfort in that truth, I tell you.  

It's been quiet here because life has been anything but that for a season.  
Yet, fall is in the air and I'm looking forward to slowing down, sitting in the yard with a cup of tea and a notebook, baking cinnamon-spicy treats (gluten free- another 'adventure' we've embarked upon by necessity this summer!), planting cool season herbs and veggies, and spending time simply being.  

What are you anticipating in the coming season?  

What lists and plans are you dreaming up these days?

Recipes to share? 
(You know how I love to feed the Recipe Pile- gluten free would be an added bonus!)

Oh, one more thing ... I'm seriously considering moving this blog, either to Wordpress or Typepad.  I'm familiar (though not thrilled) with WordPress and it's free; but I've read such stellar reviews of Typepad (and $14.95/month isn't too bad) ... decisions, decisions.  
Thoughts, suggestions? 

Hope to hear from you.  I'd love to know what has kept you busy this summer and what great things you've in mind for fall!

Wishing you cool breezes and an abundance of simple blessings,


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  1. I love Fall for its crisp air and new less hot adventures. I love my settling in for winter period where I turn my home into a cozy haven to nest in for winter.


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