Fleeting Grace

orange hibiscus flower a kind soul brought me on Friday morning  
3 fragile blossoms in a a green juice glass
blazing beauty from her garden
A simple act, plucking a few flowers for me on her way to clean the church for Sunday services.
A joy for me, a flower lover, Beauty seeker
She is a new friend, one who inspires me with her vibrance and energy (Will I have that kind of get up and go at 70? ... I hope so!).  And she brought me glowing orange and red beauty just because.  I like that.

By Saturday the flowery gift of grace had faded and wilted.
Beauty is fleeting, just like the blossoms.
And moments of grace don't last forever.
But there are new ones happening all the time if we only seek them out.

fleeting grace:

 cat naps on a summer afternoon

 rain soaked petals- in July!

perfect summer reds