Friday, July 27, 2012

Beyond ...

"This is beyond me, far more than I can do on my own, Lord.
But, You know that; and honestly, isn't that the point?  
If I can handle it on my own, it's probably not a God-worthy task anyway.
So, OK then ... Your power is made perfect in my weakness, right?"  

My thoughts upon finding out via voicemail that I've been named to lead the Street Camp Bible studies for our mission trip after the 'real leader' had to cancel.  Which means that I'm about to be stretched wayyyyy beyond my comfort zone.  Kids' Bible studies. no problem.  I've done that hundreds of times.
4 days of Street Camp with August in  Texas heat AND a donkey puppet ... Lord help me!  

Five Minute Friday


  1. You will be wonderful in this role. You know that everything happens for a reason and this is your "out of your comfort zone" God challenge. I totally agree, God sends us these tasks that are difficult so that we can succeed through this grace. I am dealing with a 21 year old son that just left Tennessee for 1 semester at the U of Col. in Colorado Springs. He will be gone for 4 months and I have cried all day. I have also been saying my prayers all day as well. How do folks do it alone?

  2. You will do a fantastic job! Now... I would love to see a photo of you with the donkey puppet. :)

  3. It came as quite a shock to me when our Heavenly Father allowed and enabled me to see that He had been with me every step of the way--even when I had no idea what wanting to truly be one of His children by faith was all about, and that even what I consider to be bad stuff is for my ultimate good. Okay, I must admit I am still not all that comfortable with that last part. (LOL?)


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