Pretty in Pink via Pinterest

Some pretty pink pins from my Pinterest boards I thought you might enjoy ...

Pink roses and books ... be still my heart-

If I ever have a barn, I want it to be just like this-

Vintage and perfectly pink, what more could a girl ask for?

A sweet seat if I ever saw one-

Pink posey perfection-

I do love a great pin, don't you?  Especially if it is PINK!

What is your favorite color?  
Pink is obviously one of mine, though I do also love robin's egg blue, and green ... 
Choosing a favorite color is rather like choosing your favorite cookie.  There are just too many delicious options to pick from to choose just one
 My favorite cookie (today) is anything with ginger and/or chocolate in it :) .  


  1. Oh my gosh a pink barn!!!! My favorite color is purple actually. Actually funny story - my mom had owned a home in NJ when she was younger. Any way, one day years later we went to visit family in the area and you can see the house from the highway. As we approach imagine my mother's shock when she saw her beautiful house painted a bright shade of lilac - even the trim. Now I like purple but even that was a little much :0)



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