Winter Gardening

Nature has undoubtedly mastered the art of winter gardening and even the most experienced gardener can learn from the unrestrained beauty around them.  ~Vincent A. Simeone

Winter gardening, how I love it (of course I love any gardening!).  Stealing outside on a warm winter's day to plant a few seeds for cold hardy greens, or water the perennial herbs that put on a brave face and continue to grow through the winter, scattering wildflower seeds, or just taking a walk and planning for spring planting ... winter weather is gardening weather, too!


  1. A warm winter's day.... one warm enough to plant seeds? Not ever in my neck of the woods. Enjoy the days & the gardening! I'm somewhat jealous, although we've had an incredibly mild winter here this year. Just had our first major snowstorm of winter a few days ago! Looking forward to you shooing the robins back up our way!

    1. Yes ma'am! 70 degrees ... today too ;) . Of course it may be 20 degrees tomorrow. Texas weather is simply crazy. We have THOUSANDS of robins this year! More than I've ever seen.

      Hugs my friend,

  2. We here have 57 and going through tornado warnings in Jan. We had 2 hugh trees fall this morning from the storms going through. I did notice my garlic was coming up, hope it survives this weird weather.

    Catherine how do I grab your button and put it on my blog, I can get it but don't know where to go to add it to my sidebar on my blog do you know?

    1. Oh, tornadoes are scary! Praying you are all safe and sound! The garlic will probably be just fine, it seems to be quite tough.

      Adding a button is pretty simple. Go to your dashboard and click on Add a Gadget. Choose the add html one. Then just copy the code below my button and paste that into the "gadget box" that you opened. Click save and you are done! You can drag it down where ever you want it in the sidebar, Blogger usually puts the new gadget at the top. Hope that helps! :)
      Thanks for adding my button to your blog!


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