Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Simple Holidays

It is time for holiday crafting and baking at our house. 
I've marked lots and lots of goodies at Pinterest that I'd like to make.  Obviously, time and energy won't allow for all these, but I hope to create a few of them this year, if not there's always next Christmas!  I am determined to keep it simple this year.

Here is a link to  my favorite simple Christmas cookie recipe:
Simple Christmas Cookies (Scotch Shortbread)

Also on the To Bake list are:

Ginger Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Fudge Crinkles

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?  (I'm always looking for new recipes for the Recipe Pile!)

And now ... back to Pinterest to add more goodies to my Christmas board! 

Catherine :)


  1. Hi just wanted to stop and say hi.. I'm on pinterest as well and I just really love it.. So many ideas on there.. How can I find ya? I've been trying to put a button on my blog but haven't figured that one out yet.. God Bless

  2. Hello Sister Brenda!
    So nice to hear from you :) .

    You should be able to click the Pinterest link in my post above and get to me, otherwise there is a link to my Pinterest page on the sidebar. I'd like to find you too, I know you are finding great things to share.
    p.s. the ginger mint and old fashioned mint you sent me are thriving :)



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