On Being Rich

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.
~Henry David Thoreau
I am slowly learning that there are more and more things that I should let alone.  They may be good things, the new, "in"  things, tempting and very useful  things; just not for me things.  

Knowing what to embrace and what to let alone frees me to focus on those things that truly make one rich- treasures in heaven.  

What do you need to let alone these days?  Pondering that question more and more as the new year approaches ...

I wish you simple blessings and eternal treasures in 2012!

(and I will get this template issue ironed out sometime soon .. i hope!) 


  1. Catherine, I am always blessed by your words, I too; want to walk that path this year. Have a wonderful day.


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