Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crafting Christmas

Just a few days left until Christmas- has the countdown started at your house?  It started weeks ago for the littlest Loves in our family- only 27 days 'til Christmas, then 18, then 10 ... now just 8.  The excitement is building, the craft supplies are flying, and the finished, wrapped gifts are appearing under the tree.

This year I am making gifts for friends and family- simple things like:
(Friends and family please skip the rest of this post or risk ruining your surprise!)

Spicy Orange Potpourri- a last minute inspiration thanks to the bulk spice area of The Natural Grocer and a great sale on Sweet Orange essential oil! 
It's a pretty mixture of:
cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices and chopped orange peel, bay leaves, juniper berries, hawthorn berries, cloves, ginger, allspice berries, rosemary, star anise, orris root powder, and sweet orange essential oil.  Sorry I don't have an exact recipe, I just opened up bags and bottles and added and stirred until it looked and smelled lovely.
I mixed it up in Grandmother Love's crockery bean pot where it will meld and mingle all that spicy goodness together until I tuck it into little muslin sachets and hang them on the tree for gifting on Christmas eve.

Next on the Christmas Crafts list is Apple Cider Syrup. 
I have several other things on the list.  I'll share more of those next week.

My Christmas board at Pinterest has lots of pretty things to make if you are looking for some crafty Christmas ideas. 

What are you creating this Christmas? 

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