Just a quick Hello There post.
Lots of changes in the Love household these days-
a new home ( we are actually moving back to an "old" home)
a new ministry (which is just a tad bit overwhelming at the moment)

no internet service at home yet (which means I have to borrow someone else's computer ... and it's just not the same as sitting down at my desk with a cup of tea and "thinking on the page" each morning)

But, all is well ... God is good, and soon I'll be back to regular posting, just as soon as the boxes are unpacked and I find a workable routine.

The robins have made their way to Texas, fall is in the air!

Hope all is well in your world :) .


  1. Hey....glad things are working out for you all, can't wait to start back reading your blogs.

  2. I hope all comes together quickly, you are missed.

    Ahhh...so THAT's where our robins go. '-)

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  3. Catherine, Glad you are in your new home. Have a blessed day.


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