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On my mind ... beautiful yarn and projects for fall (and Christmas!).


  1. Oh, my goodness....is that a personal stash? What a delightful rainbow! (popped over from Rhonda's)

  2. Oh, don't I wish LOL!
    No ... that is a photo I snapped earlier this week at my favorite yarn store.
    Thanks for dropping by!

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  4. oh, the possibilities...wish I were a crafty person!!

  5. I love walking through a good yarn or fabric shop.
    Oh my goodness......what I could do with all of that (besides go seriously broke, lol!).
    You have a lovely blog, Catherine. Thanks for sharing.

    visiting from Down To Earth

  6. Beautiful colors - I can think of so many projects! I'm enjoying your blog!

  7. What a beautiful display of scrumptious yarns. It's been ages since I visited one of the cubby-holed size yarn shops in my county because I've been "making do" and using up my stash. Your photo inspires me to start a new project and nudges me refill my knitting basket. I'm quite close in finishing a purple sweater for a little one.

    I like the quote on education. We can, indeed, put more trust in the curiosity of children.
    Karen A.


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