Happy August!

Lavender Lemonade

It's a Lavender Lemonade kind of day here.  I haven't checked the forecast this morning, but I know it will be 100+ by mid-day.  Time to make lots of cool drinks like the lavender lemonade above or perhaps a pitcher of herb tea like this-
Herb Sun Tea

Or, maybe today is the day to sample a few of the Jarritos sodas that I was asked to taste test.  How fun is that?  We came home from skating last night (not me. no that would be dangerous for all involved) to find a heavy box on the front doorstep.  Inside were 11 bottles of assorted Jarritos flavors and a t-shirt.  Perfect timing; something cool and sweet for these hot summer days.  We aren't big soda drinkers here, but I think these will be tasty and will certainly find themselves frozen into ice pops and mixed with our assorted summer drinks.  Lavender lemonade with a splash of Limon Jarritos, Minty herb tea with Jamaica soda  ...  I'll let you know what else we come up with. 
Have you tried Jarritos? 
If so, which is your favorite? 

I'm enjoying the summer, but also looking ahead to fall- education plans are in the works (lists, lists, and more lists these days), new artsy-crafty projects (thanks to Pinterest!), and another project with a friend that I am very excited about (more about that later).  Long afternoons indoors do lead to lots of dreaming and planning!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.  Please join me in praying for those areas where all is not well ...
Summer blessings to you and yours!


  1. Cool drinks are in order here this week also. I've not heard of Jarritos so it will be good to hear how you like them.

  2. I'm so tired of the heat. I long for Fall to get here so its comfortable to be outside :)


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