And so it begins ...

that (dreaded) time of year when even the sunflowers wilt from the punishing heat of a Texas summer.  This summer has been particularly rough due to the drought; though we were blessed with a whole .01 inch of rain on Monday.  It was lovely, I tell you.  Simply lovely. 

I was horrified to find a forecast of 108 degrees for today (yes, I checked twice!) on our local paper's website this morning.
I was somewhat hopeful that it was a mistake and checked another site.  How encouraging to find that weatherman only predicts 101 today!
101 is unpleasant, but normal for us.

 If it does get anywhere near 108 I'll be staying indoors until the heatwave passes, thank you very much. 
Otherwise, I'm sure I'll sound just like the 4 year old who told my daughter last week that she was melting and just wanted her brain ... her "self" back.  Drama queen moment aside, I can relate!

Being stuck indoors does have some good points.
* I usually catch up on at least a few of the things I've neglected during the spring and early summer.
* It gives us lots of time to read and learn new things.
* Crafty pursuits and creativity seem to bloom inside when nothing much is blooming outside.   
* A lazy summer afternoon is the perfect time to dream up new projects.
* Afternoon naps are perfectly respectable.  It's too hot for much else at that time of day anyway.
* I have time to write and update my blog again. 

How is the summer treating you? 
What do you do when it's too hot to venture outdoors?
Do you have a cool summer recipe to share?  (I'm focusing on "no cook" meals these days!)


  1. WOW you are getting the heat! We expect more here this week with our feels like temps around 104 -110. Our actual temp tomorrow is 100. Nasty, nasty, nasty :( The humidity makes it worse here. We were blessed to get storms and rain all night and early this morning but now we have some localized flooding to deal with. I love taking precooked chicken (from the deli works fine) and making a fresh salad on summer days. It's cool and refreshing and very filling. Blessings! ~ Nikki

  2. We too are having the "hot weather" in Tennessee. We can stay inside as well and with school starting in a week, there are still some books I want to read. I just feel sorry for my yard and flowers! It seems that the weeds thrive in heat and I need to weed but the weather is not helping any! I have been making lots of mint-lemonade tea!


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