Taking Time

I read somewhere recently that in the church year, we are now in what is called Ordinary Time.  I love these words from the this site:
"Ordinary time does not need to be "ordinary," and is not meant to mean that somehow we get a break from the Liturgical Year. The opposite is true: Ordinary Time celebrates "the mystery of Christ in all its aspects."

I've been taking time lately.
Time to pray.
Time to read.
Time to sit quietly and watch in wonder the beauty and mystery all around me.
Time to simply Be.

Yesterday I sat by the poolside and watched my children diving and swimming and laughing.  I sat enjoying the view of the lake beyond the pool, the birds shyly visiting the feeder swinging overhead and then flying to the birdbath tucked under the trees.  I was struck by the beauty of being in that place, with no agenda, nowhere I must be or nothing I must be doing ... the blessing of taking time on a summer day to just be present in that moment.  And of course, one can only sit by the poolside so long before the water calls and you must jump in. 
Today, my only plan is more of the same ... spending ordinary time with those I love most on this earth, and seeking to see the mystery of Christ in our ordinary days.

It may be quiet here for a bit, as I take time ... time to seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary.


  1. Catherine- Thank you so much for stopping in at my blog! I love your herbal blog, and the inspirational words you share here! So nice to meet you!

  2. You are so wise, taking time to appreciate that which we sometimes take for granted. Only when we lose such simple pleasures do we mourn them. It is our wonderful God that provides us these opportunities, but we must realize the source.

  3. These are the extraordinary moments -- found right in the middle of our ordinary days. Too often, we race ahead, plan the next day's agenda, and miss the miracle of today.

    Thank you for the reminder to live in the ordinary, and to keep our eyes open.


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