Steps and Stops

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Psalm 37:23

The stops of a good man, as well as his steps, are ordered by the Lord. ~ George Mueller

Have you ever had the Lord stop you? Keep you still, perhaps in a place that you wanted to step right on out of?

That is exactly where our family has been for what seems like a very long time to our finite minds. Stopped. Waiting. Hoping, praying, pleading for the Lord to move us on from where we are ... knowing that until He does so, we are at a full stop; no going anywhere from where we are "camped".

It hasn't been a place I would have chosen to stop and tarry for so long. Yet, I know that there are purposes for our God caused stop, some of which I will probably never know until I reach heaven.

We are seeing the cloud lifting and are beginning to prepare for whatever lies ahead. 

Still more questions than answers ...

But, we know that He has the answers, and knows exactly when and where to move us in our journey with Him.
He has said, "Get ready." So we are getting ready and waiting for His call to "Follow Me."
And, off we will go, with great joy, knowing that both our stops and our steps are ordered by Him!

If you are at a place where you feel stopped, stuck, or stalled...
Take heart, it very well could be exactly where the Lord wants you for a season!
I'm not saying it is going to be an easy place to be; but if it is from Him, it is good, because He is good and what He does is good (Psalm 119:68).

Take joy, Trust Him and tarry there as long as He says to do so.

There are many blessings in obedience...something I wish I had learned years ago..

A slightly edited repost from the archives today ... 2 years ago and yet it fits just where we are right now.  The journey indeed has its seemingly endless stops and starts, but we can trust Him to bring us to the final destination all in His good timing!


  1. What a good post! It got me to thinking :O) thanks for sharing it!

    *Christi jo*

  2. There are many blessings in obedience...something I wish I had learned years ago..

    Me too. I guess we all have to learn our way.

  3. I found you today through a blog hop and am following you now. I really liked this, because there is a song we sing at church that is titled "Order My Steps In Your Word". Hope you can check out the blog I recently started too. Be well!

  4. Came to visit through The Higher Calling... I appreciated this post a lot! I call the times you're describing "Holy Saturday" times. The in-between spaces where you wait on God, perhaps grieving, not quite knowing what comes next. But those times can give birth to the unexpected, impossible miracles, right? I've been learning so much about this kind of TRUST lately. Thanks for your post!


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