C is for Cat

This week's Alphabe-Thursday ramble courtesy of the CAT.
Not me, though in some circles I am known as Cat (and probably something much less kind in others, but we'll not worry about that for now) ... today I'm speaking of this cat-

Don't let the photo fool you, she's only cute and cuddly when she is sleeping!

Felis catus, known in our home as Sadie, often as that stupid cat!

The cat, I hesitate to say our cat, though my husband insists she is my cat since I was  crazy compassionate enough to take pity on the poor, starving creature and give her a bit of food, just until her owner came looking for her, which of course, we all know never happens. 

So, we have Sadie cat, who is not nice by even the most imaginative standards, even after I rescued her from starvation and bitey dogs.  The cat who darts in the door at every opportunity, usually tripping me and then scratching my ankles for squishing her delicate kitty toes while trying not to fall, even though she is well aware has been forever banished to life out of doors for her numerous offenses (well, except when it was cold and icy and snowy ... even I am not that cruel), offenses including but not limited to- jumping on the table during dinner and wrestling a piece of pizza from my 8 year olds hands (she really is a crazy cat), using my potted plants as  kitty litter boxes, attacking my ankles in the middle of the night, etc., etc., etc. She still manages to sneak in numerous times a day.  Once inside she does her best to distract me from whatever task is at hand, demanding instead that I "feed her this minute", no matter that I may have fed her just an hour before.  Which explains why the poor starving kitty is now a big, fat cat, she eats as if she is still on the verge of starvation.

And by the way ... if you are in need of a crazy cranky cantankerous crafty, cunning cat- she has been spayed and vaccinated and is FREE to a good home!  If you are in need of an attack cat, she will be perfect for you.  (she also kills birds, mice and other small creatures ... just so you know)

CAT has become a four-letter word in my house!

I think a cup of catnip tea is in order ... for me, not that cat

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  1. All I can say is this...You are a LOT nicer than I am.


  2. Cats are notorious for causing mishaps. I believe some are intentionally on purpose, too. I do love felines, though, and would like to get a couple of kittens to keep the mice away. Now to talk the hubs into it...

    Your newest follower,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

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  3. My oh my, this is one demanding cat! I've been a cat owner my whole life and I've had a few who were ornery, but they usually had lots of redeeming qualities to make up for the few bad habits. I'd say Sadie cat is mighty lucky to have a good person like yourself as her owner!

    Fun "C" post!

  4. I have had an "attack cat" and they are great!

  5. That's one crazy cat. Good luck getting rid of...I mean finding her a good home.

  6. You are amazing to be so kind and tolerant. I am sure that Sadie cat is well aware of her great fortune.

  7. She will probably soften up with age. So far you are just one of her minions.~Ames

  8. You win the patience award...mine would given out after 5 minutes...beating someone to the door though is not limited to cats...would you like to meet our sheltie, aka Kelsie? Though, truth be told, she has such an affection disposition - even if she always needs to be first.

  9. Wow. You are definitely a tender hearted gal! Cat sounds like she is a bit crazed...but how boring life would be without her.



    Okay, but no crazy cats for me!

    Thanks for a really cute link.


  10. LOL. Your cat sounds a bit like mine. Katerina, but we call her Kat. She also attacks my feet at night if I move under the blankets. Not a big deal during the winter when there are plenty of blankets to protect my feet from claws, but in the summer when I only need a sheet.... OUCH!! So sometimes we have to make both of our cats sleep in the finished basement (we have a door at the top of the stairs that we can close) They can't get to our feet, but are still near their cat pan, food, water and comfortable couches and chairs to sleep on, and we get to sleep in peace. Before we adopted her from the shelter, she was a stray, so she stuffs herself with any food in sight. But she is also the sweetest and softest cat you have ever met and she loves to curl up under my chin and purr. Thank you for having a kind heart and taking good care of your Cat!


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