Blackberry Winter?

Almost any farmer can describe the blackberry winter. It's that cold spell that comes in May, about three weeks after Spring fever. It comes when blackberries are in bloom and does sometimes actually drop a few real snowflakes into the white flowers. It doesn't bite through to the hard, green, incipient berries nestled behind the petals. It lasts less than a week. ~ Rachel Peden

Is that what this odd wintry weather is, blackberry winter?  I must admit it came as a rather unwelcome surprise- May is normally beyond warm in my part of the world.  But the past three days have been unpleasantly cool, both to me and my poor garden.  No snowflakes, thank goodness! 

No matter, soon enough it will be warm again, and then after that comes the dreaded heat of a Texas summer ... but I won't think about that today!


  1. It is cold here also. I haven't looked to see if my blackberries are blooming yet, but it frosted in some places last night. Brrrrr!


  2. Strange weather in our part of the South. More storms expected this afternoon. It should be cooler the next few days. I am not ready for hot weather. ;) God Bless. Isabella

  3. Just like we do in Phoenix - enjoy it while it lasts!


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