Love Lessons

The giving of love is an education in itself.  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Those words appeared in my Quote of the Day widget this morning and seem very fitting.
Loving others is an ongoing educational theme in our family.  We love others because the LORD compels us to do as He did. 
We love others even when it is hard, messy, inconvenient or costly.  Serving the homeless, the poor, the outcasts of society is seldom easy, neat, convenient or cost-free.  But it is necessary.
We love those many deem unloveable because He loves them and wants to love them through us. 
Recently we've had to show our children that even when those we love (and at one time appeared to love us) do not treat us with either love or respect, we must still love and respect them.  And these painful  lessons come not from reaching out, but right inside our church family, where  Love One Another should be the standard.  Sadly, we've had more conversations with our children lately about how we are to respond when others in the church don't act in a godly, loving manner, than those centered on how to reach out in love to those who don't yet know Christ.  We are open and honest about these issues because we want our children to see that just like in our own family, when issues arise they must be dealt with, but always in love.  We love because He loves us, bottom line.  Even when it is hard, messy, inconvenient, and heart-breaking.  We pray, we talk, we cry, we pray more, and we love ... and we keep on loving no matter what. 
How do you teach "love lessons" in your family? 


  1. It is good to see you blogging here again. :)

    It is always painful when we are treated in an unloving way, especially by those who profess to have the greatest love of all. I just try to explain that everyone has bad days. I try to teach that we don't always know what is going on in others homes and should not judge. I also teach that people will sometimes repeat things in their own way and it makes it sound really bad when in reality it was not intended that way. Most of all I try to teach grace. Also, I try to make them understand that we don't want to hurt others in the way that we have been hurt so be careful.
    We believe that love is an action. We try to love the people that God puts in our paths with our acts of help and kindness. We fall short everyday but we are still trying hard to meet everyones needs.

    I am sorry you all have been hurt.


  2. Catherine, I needed to read this today. Thanks. Isabella


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