Just a small seed

Seeds sprouting ... oh the joys of springtime!

Think small. Planting tiny seeds in the small space given you can change the whole world or, at the very least, your view of it. - Linus Mundy


  1. I'm so excited to see growing things in the garden :)We did some planting and transplanting yesterday. I can't wait for the fresh veggies.

  2. My corn is up!! Praise God. I have so much left to do.
    It is good to see you posting. I hope things are better for you.


  3. Thank you, Cammy :) .
    God is good and all shall be well!

    Nikki, I just love seeing those little miracles pop out of the soil ... almost as much as I love eating the veggies that come later LOL!
    We have tiny tomatoes and squash on the vines already :D .


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