Arbor Day ~ Plant a tree (or buy coffee)?

I'm weighing my options here ...

Become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation- spend $10.00 and get 10 free trees (Considering the state of my backyard "garden" due to the abundance of trees already growing in our yard, I'm not sure this is the way to go; though I could give the trees away, right?)


Join the Arbor Day Coffee Club- spend $6.95 and get a pound of fair-trade organic coffe and a cool Rainforest Rescue coffee mug (This one is tempting, even though (or especially because) I am trying to eliminate  seriously limit my coffee intake these days.) 

What do you think?  Trees or coffee?  both?  I tried growing coffee once ... that didn't work out for me. 

My other thought is to make a quick trip to Austin this afternoon to buy a couple of olive trees from the Natural Gardener (and make a little detour by Wheatsville Co-op and Central Market, of course).  Yes, they are trees, of which we have an abundance, but these are good, useful, fruit-bearing trees ... and I think they could live happily in large containers in the still sunny front yard until we have a permanent home for them. 

So .... 10 trees, coffee, 2 olive trees ... all 3?  Decisions, decisions!

Any Arbor Day plans for you? 


  1. I'm for all three! I tried growing coffee, too. No luck. Too dry in AZ!


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