Happy Spring!

Today begins a new season.
I am most ready for the promise of new life that each spring brings.
I've been hibernating in a sense myself, mostly due to work, bad weather, and then a string of minor family illnesses.  But the warm weather and sunshine has prompted me to wake up and start fresh in some areas, this blog for instance.  I'll be doing some work here in the coming days, changing a few things and posting more regularly.
The beginning of spring ushers in one of my favorite yearly activities- planting the spring greens!
We've already tucked in seeds and a few seedlings and have been plotting and planning, in order to grow all we can in our little rented patch of earth. 
Today is the perfect day for a picnic at the community garden, wandering along the creek, and giving thanks for the beauty of a new season.
How do you mark the changing of seasons?

To everything there is a season ... Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. Happy spring to you, Catherine! We too are getting ready to plant. I always have such big plans and have to remember that there are only 2 of us, but we always share our bounty. I am planning an herb garden, i have rosemary, basil, 3 kinds of mint, lavender...can you think of others that I need to plant? Have a wonderful week, I am on spring break and plan to take a little trip with hubby.

  2. Happy Spring! I'm so glad to have warm weather and bird song lol. I have some seeds planted already and will be getting the rest of the garden in soon. Have a blessed day! ~ Nikki

  3. Mrs. C,

    Sounds like a great start in the herb garden! I would definitely add Marjoram and some lemon herbs- Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, maybe Lemon Thyme, and also regular cooking thyme. :)
    Enjoy your break and your gardening!

  4. Thank you, Nikki!
    I too am very thankful for warm weather and birdsong these days.

  5. Spring has certainly sprung here! We are digging our garden...well hubby is digging actually this time around. So far, all with a shovel again. We havent planted anything yet but have plans all laid out.
    I am back to keeping my little neice so that keeps me busy. I am still spending lots of time wiht my baby grandson. I don't blog as much as I like but thats ok. I am getting other things done.
    It is good to hear that you are all well.

    Be blessed

  6. I am planing this week. We had some cold nights and I was worried that the plants would not make it if there was a frost. I do have lemon verbena that is already coming up. My rosemary came through the winter well and is thriving. My lavender is a littler slower to come around. I planted over 300 zinnas and hope to set them out this week, they are one of my favorite flowers. I seem to like "old" types of flowers. Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Every spring brings with it a new beginning. A second chance. Embrace it!


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