Winter's Quiet

I know it has been rather quiet here lately.  I think it's partly due to the weather- wintry and cold, even snowy yesterday.  I'm a wimp and do not like the cold, not even a little bit.  I've been bundled up drinking hot tea, reading, and dreaming of spring (and whining about the cold all the while)! 

This is also a season where the Lord is saying, "Be still" ... "Be quiet" ... "Know that I am God". 
And so as I wait for the temperatures to climb above freezing and thaw out our frozen world, I also wait for the Lord to do His thing and move my family from this seemingly frozen state of pray and wait, wait and pray, to a place of growth and movement again. 
The spring thaw can't be far away, until then I'm trying to press in and enjoy the quietness of the season.


  1. Hi Catherine,
    Yes ready for some spring like weather. It's been very cold this winter.
    Thanks for your sweet comment :]


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