On oikos

Pondering some things I've been reading lately, such as:

The Greek word oikonomos ... translates literally as "one who manages a household", and is composed of the words oikos (household) and nemein (to manage). 


In its most developed form, householding becomes a model for the world at large.  ~ Harriet Fasenfest, A Householder's Guide to the Universe.  (very interesting book thus far, though I'm just getting started reading it)

I think the reason this grabbed me was because when I first saw that little word oikos, I thought of the passages of scripture that talk of "you and your household", your oikos. Often the reference is to salavation, an entire household coming to faith.  Which brings a totally different meaning to the quote to my mind than what the author probably intended. But it is true, our management of our household, our day to day living, if done purposefully and according to the Lord's leading can indeed be a model for the world at large.  A rather unnerving thought at times, because my oikos is sometimes not very orderly, and my management of it is possibly only useful as serving as a warning to do things differently or this is what may happen
Yet, when it comes right down to the heart of the matter, even in my often messy and mixed-up management of my oikos, the focus is on Christ, keeping Him as the center of it all and clinging daily to his amazing grace.  Perhaps those of us who don't do it so well but keep trying day after day, mess after mess, to "get it right" ...  maybe just maybe, our perseverance even in the face of frequent householding disasters, and our desperate but ever-hopeful clinging to His promise of new mercies every morning, are just the model He has chosen to use. 

... or maybe I just had too much coffee with chocolate soy milk this morning and have been spending too much time reading! 

Thoughts on your own oikonomos

I like this book so far, and I think I like that word householding, too. 


  1. Hi Cathie,
    Hmmm... I like that word householding too! This book sounds interesting. Thanx for sharing it here today!



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