Gifts of the Season

Monday morning came cold and frosty ...
but filled with goodness and gifts to give thanks for:

coffee perking in our blue and white enamel "camping" coffee pot (I've broken yet another glass coffee pot, and think this may be what I need to stick with.)

memories of Grandma's kitchen when the perking coffee aroma blended with the hot, steamy lemon-scented dishwater fragrance ... Comfort & Joy often comes in the most unexpected ways!

sounds of giggling girls snuggling under the covers waiting for breakfast

Advent wreath gracing our dinner table ... candles counting the weeks until Christmas

Advent calendar filled with tasty treats and little gifts to make the waiting sweeter

Jesse tree devotions and ornaments preparing our hearts for His birthday

Kind thoughts and gifts of words in Christmas cards from friends across the country

Looking forward to a different kind of Christmas ...

Our giving board for Partners International  Harvest of Hope at church ... We're challenging our family and friends to join us in giving gifts to Jesus by giving to those in need
Less buying and busyness this season, but busy hands creating simple handmade gifts for those we love

Christmas carols
candy canes ...

so many sweet gifts of the season!


  1. Merry Christmas Catherine. Love the Gifts of The Season, there is so many Blessings : )

    I like to ask about Homestead Bloggers, I'm not able to get in and when I google there's not a way in as well. Is there a problem or it just on my side on my computer? Hope all is alright.

    Have a wonderful Christmas

    tc linda

  2. I love that your church is trying to make everyone aware of the needs of others. We made a point teaching this to our kids when they were young. I think those lessons sunk in, as our daughter is about to graduate with a degree in social work.

  3. I really love this post. I am another who loves simple living.


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