Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Counting and Waiting

It is that time of year ... a time of waiting and counting down the days. 

"How long until Christmas?", is usually one of the first sounds heard in my home during the weeks before His birthday.     

And so we mark the weeks with our Advent wreath (One from another year pictured below, this year's photo coming soon.). 

And we count the days with an Advent calendar.  Little bags filled with a treat for each day (last year's calender photo below.) ...

And we prepare our hearts for His coming as we count and wait with what has become my personal favorite (though candy is certainly a tasty way to number the days)- the Jesse Tree .  Ann Voskamp, has made her Jesse Tree Devotional book available for Free, beautiful, generous soul that she is.  Visit Holy Experience to download this wonderful Advent book for your family. 

We read each day's devotion and then hang the ornament on the tree.  Last year my children requested we hang the ornaments along the Advent calendar line so they could watch the story unfold (a great idea if I do say so myself).  We had  had several opportunities to share His Story with our guests during the Christmas season when they asked about our "Story line" ... an unexpected blessing for us all!  

How do you count the days until Christmas? 

These are a few of my family's Christmas Practices, more coming next week. 
To join in the conversation or read other thoughts on The Practice of Christmas, visit Holy Experience today.

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  1. I remember doing just those things when our kids were young. Preparing for the Christmas season and recognition of His birth is such a fun time in Christian homes. May you all be blessed by your devotion and witness to our Lord and Savior.
    Have a blessed holiday.


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