Thursday, November 11, 2010

H is for ...

Jenny Matlock

Hello there! 

OK ... so we are at the letter H in the Alphabe-THURSDAY game, and I'm just now jumping in. 

Where have I been? 

Well, let's see ...

Absent (mostly absentminded if I'm honest)
Cleaning up the
Debris and
Ever growing piles of
Fallen leaves and dead plants in the

How's that for make up work, Mrs. M??? 

For today's letter H, how about my latest herbal concoction? 
It is very simple to stir together and you can make many variations ... Peppermint Rose is another favorite of mine; but since we are featuring H this week, let's make

Herbal Blossoms Bath Tea
(There is supposed to be a photo of my lovely bath tea bags here ... and just maybe I'll get that inserted later after much prayer, weeping, and gnashing of teeth; but it just may not happen and in that case, please use your imagination ... picture a large tea bag filled with beautiful herb blossoms ... yes, just like that!)

This recipe uses the simpler's method of measuring in parts rather than a set measurement.  That works well because you might just want to make 1 bath tea, and to do that you could use a  heaping Tablespoon of each of the dried herbs.  I made up about a dozen large bath tea bags, and used a 1/2 pint jar for measuring the herbs.  Adjust the amount of essential oils accordingly.  For a small batch, use only a drop or two, more for a larger batch.  Or, leave them out altogether and enjoy the light fragrance of just the herbs themselves. 

Mix together:
1 part dried rose petals
1 part dried lavender blossoms
1 part dried calendula petals
1 part dried chamomile flowers
6 drops lavender essential oil (more or less depending on size of your batch of tea)
6 drops rose essential oil

Divide and put mixture into Press 'N Brew tea bags and seal with an iron, or  place desired amount in small muslin bags, tie it up in a piece of cheesecloth, put it in a tea ball ... whatever;  just get it into a tub of warm water and enjoy steeping in a bath of tub tea! 

And speaking of herbs, I am just getting settled in a new spot to write about all things herbal .... Still Room Herbs.  I'd love it if you'd drop by sometime! 

For more fun with the letter H, visit Jenny Matlock today!


  1. That would be just the thing after a long day in the garden!

  2. Excellent H post! I see you've been busy! (I loved your ABC's!)
    Happy H Day!

  3. I am your newest follower from Jenny Matlock. My middle name is Helper. Please follow me as well. Thank you.

    The Disconnected Writer

  4. I love the idea of a tea bath, it seems like it would smell divine. Lovely post!

  5. This is great.
    love hello greeting...

  6. I love using herbs for anything, but I do not really know my way around most of them. I need to hop over to your herb blog and check it out! Happy AThursday

  7. Your recipe sounds absolutely wonderful. Just what this woman needs. We'll be doing a little bit of shopping today. I need some of these items for my homemade laundry soap and a few other concoctions :D

    I'm so glad you're here.

  8. That's a lovely idea! I may just have to try this one....

  9. That sounds heavenly. And I love your make up work!

  10. Hi Catherine, that was some serious Alphabe-Thursday catch-up work in one clever post!

    It's so nice to see you. I bet things have been crazy busy for you...but it's so nice of you to take the time to share this wonderful 'recipe' with us.

    I'm going to send this along to my daughter. She has about 100 Christmas gifts to make for work this year. She's silly.

    Thanks for linking. I'm going to go check out your other site.


  11. I'll let you know how it works! Great recipe!


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