In the Blender ... or Being Squeezed

Just popping in briefly to say I'm here ... sort of.

Debby describes where I'm at these days so very well in this post- Are You Being Squeezed?

Yes, squeezed ... squished ... pulped. 

And God isn't using one of these:

I feel more like I'm in one of these:

Maybe when this is over I'll be green and healthy like this:

Instead of squished and bruised and battered.  

How about you, ever been squeezed by God? 

If so, did you notice that once you're in His grip, all those things that you try to remove by yourself but can't suddenly spring to the surface? 
Not a pretty sight, is it? 

But, once He's reduced you to a pulpy mess, He can then work with what is left to make you what really should be in Him.  Free.

In my anguish I cried to the LORD,

and he answered by setting me free.  Psalm 118:5 


  1. I know exactly what you mean, we are such control-freaks and we need to only rememeber...Let go, let GOD!


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