Monday, July 19, 2010

Gifts of Grace

Okra blossom, one of the few things that thrives in the heat of our Texas summers.

I'm giving thanks today that indeed, the hardest part is over.   
Thank you Ann, for that bit of grace that I needed to be reiminded of today! 

More Gifts of Grace I'm grateful for today:

Change- an answer to prayer, a new job for my husband after so many years of asking ...
Trust- the new job requires that we step out in faith and trust the Lord to provide for us
Freedom- to worship, to live Free in Him, who purchased our freedom with His own blood

little gifts this week:

Being considered "family" by those who really aren't our family ... but who really are the best kind of family, ours because we are all His!

A cool breeze blowing through the garden as I watered parched plants and gathered the fruits of our labor.

Swimming with friends

Iced tea

Lemon Verbena

A quiet hour in the library

I'm giving thanks today with the Gratitude Community.  Care to join in?  Visit Holy Experience today.

holy experience

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  1. I have had to remind my self of this often. I have much to be grateful for today and everyday. My God is an awesome provider and He loves me! He has blessed me so bountifuly. AMEN!


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