Monday, July 26, 2010

A Little Break

I'm taking a bit of a summer blogging break for just a few days.
Some wonderful changes are happening around our home, but as wonderful as they are, the schedule change is taking its toll on my brain.  After 10+ years of seeing my husband off to work in the wee hours of the morning, he's now working a later shift (in a new job, praise the Lord); which means that I have to work out a different schedule for us all. 
I'll be back soon ... :) !


  1. A little prayer said Catherine. It is never easy to adjust to a new schedule or routine. Esp, with the little ones. In His grace it is doable.

    Blessings to you during your hiatus.

  2. Praying here Miss Catherine. I may be doing that myself here as my DH is waiting to see what his employers workout.

  3. Funny I just found your lovely blog this morning and you are taking a break! :) I will look forward to your return and your future posts. I pray our Lord will bless you as you trust Him.

  4. I hope your time off is enjoyable, productive and refreshing. Many blessings!


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