June Garden Favorites

Yard-Long Bean Blossom

We planted these in our church garden to grow over a wire tunnel.  The vines are just about ready to "meet in the middle" of the tunnel, and hopefully they will grow right down the other side to make a shady crawl space for the kiddos.  They have very pretty purple blossoms, and the beans are quite tasty (I had to taste test them, of course!).   Though I haven't tried them yet, the young leaves are said to make a nice potherb, as well.  I love the fact that they supposedly thrive in the heat, as most beans wither away when the Texas heat sets in.  If they do survive the next few weeks, these beans will be on my list of favorite summer veggies!  Even if they don't, I'll plant them again and just move them to the spring favorites list.  I purchased seed from Bountiful Gardens, click here . 

Lemon Verbena (please ignore those weeds ... they are groundcover ok? I'm waiting oh so patiently for mulch.)

The Lemon Verbena is thriving thus far, which makes me very, very happy.  There is nothing like a cup of Lemon Verbena tea, or a glass of sun tea infused with some of that lemony goodness.  Every time I go to the garden I pluck a few leaves and bring them home for my evening tea.  Soon I'll be drying them for using in the winter teapot, too. 

OK, those are my current garden favorites ... what is your favorite thing in the garden right now?


  1. Love your lemon verbena! My tomatoes are growing and so I'm hopeful...first time to try them in pots! We shall see!

  2. I put a lemon verbena plant in just yesterday. Planted one three years ago, but it did not survive the winter. Trying again.


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