Monday, May 3, 2010

Thanks Anyway

  You only know how to give thanks always when you know how to give thanks anyway. Wise words from this post
And really there is always something to be thankful for ...

muddy footprints from girls playing joyfully outside on a beautiful Monday morning

niece's baby toys strewn from one end of the house to the other

sink filled with dishes waiting to be washed

laundry overflowing the hamper (dress up is such fun)

grass to be mowed

flowers to be planted

a garden growing more grass than vegetables at the moment (No need to go to the gym when you're spending hours hoeing and yanking weeds out by their strong little roots.)

a to-do this week list filled with needful but less than delightful chores ...

Giving thanks today anyway for the signs of life all around. 

holy experience

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  1. Catherine,
    I wished that my name was that instead of Kathy, it is so classy! I too am a list-maker and it makes me feel so productive when I can mark things off my list. I have lots of yard work to do but I need to get up early so it will not be too hot. i would much rather watch my puppy play in the yard!


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