Monday, April 12, 2010

Sowing Seeds

We'll be in the gardens today, sowing seeds and pulling weeds.  The first item I enjoy ... and honestly, I don't mind weeding.  There is something very meditative about plopping down on the garden path and spending a few minutes tidying up a section of the garden.  And usually I find a few precious moments alone while weeding.   Because at least around here, weeding isn't really all that much fun to the children!  They prefer to pick dandelions and turn cartwheels, while I "work".  I've found what one person considers work, to another it is play ... it all depends on your frame of mind. 

I will have help with the planting, because to my children that is play. 

Here's a short list of what I hope to get planted today:

purple bush beans
tri-color pole beans
squash- 4 varieties
strawberry popcorn
luffa gourds
birdhouse gourds

I have seedlings to plant as well:
pepino melon
pineapple tomatillo
bell peppers
hot peppers- jalapeno, serrano, poblano
salad burnet
sweet marjoram

I think that should keep us busy for today ... and probably tomorrow ... and the next day :) ! 


  1. I've never had a garden (allergies make it tough) but I'm considering getting one of those topsy turvy tomato planters and starting that way. My hubby would like a garden more like yours but neither of us is yard people never mind garden people.

  2. I love to weed too! There is something about a neat garden full of luch plants that you grew from seeds!
    Since i had knee replacment surgery 2 weeks ago I am not going to have a garden this year. I will have my tomatoes and peppers in pots on the patio. Also I have plant my zinnias! They are the best!

  3. I loveeeeeee your blog! You are so sweet to of left a comment. Come back if you didn't see the post of today! I put up our new baby ducks and I think you will like the video!

    You are one busy lady! I love cone flowers. I have a real good standing on one of the sides of the little Milk Barn we have. They are so pretty.

    Well Catherine, it is so nice to meet you and I will be saving you as a favorite. I think we like the same things!!!!! Jesus for one!
    Blessings, Linda


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