Friday, April 16, 2010

Please Don't Tell My Husband ...

I think I've finally lost that little shred of sanity I was working so hard to hold on to.  Remember my univited guest, the r-a-t?  The one that caused shrieking and screaming and mayhem and madness? 

Well, she came back "Home" after my soft-hearted hubby caught her in a live trap and released her (too close to "home").  At least she looks like the same little ratty.  At any rate, a gnawing, chewing, scuffling in the walls creature has been making me grumbly and grouchy of late, because I really don't like the idea of it being in my house ... ick. 

So, last night my husband said he thinks we should get a cat.  I stayed awake a looonnnggg time thinking about that one.  My husband who has declared cats in the house "yucky" to put it nicely ... and outdoor cats are a gardener's nightmare ... your garden will look for all the world like the most lovely of litterboxes (trust me, it's gross).

 Anyway, Mr. NO Cats, decides that a cat is the solution to the rat ...
I'm pondering this because I like cats, really much better than dogs.  They are low maintenance (well except for that litter box thing, but I have kids who can be paid to clean that), and don't usually jump on you or lick your face or make loud noises.  But, we're beginning to have a loooong list of "pets" that will be joining the household soon-
3 bunnies (already promised to 3 girls who will not let us get out of that one.)
chickens (These were my idea ... now I'm rethinking just a bit.)
a dog (It must be the right dog- housebroken, big but not huge, good with all sorts of animals, kids, and people, etc., etc. but we have a possibility at the shelter.)
ducks ... for some reason I have this desire for ducks ... though I hope it passes.

And we already have a cockateil and a parakeet inside ... a cat might be a nightmare for them.

So, now a cat, to catch the rat ... who just so happened to get caught in the live trap again tonight.  My husband is working, I'm sitting politely at the computer trying to visit my Alphabe-Thursday classmates, when I hear a sound ... scratching, scuttling, squeaking? (maybe not) behind my desk.  Little Ratty has found herself trapped again!  Now, for the ssshhhhh don't tell him part ... I felt a bit sorry for the little creature and
gave.her.some.cereal.  (sigh)

Oh good grief, I really have lost it, haven't I? 

My children declared her "sort of cute" and fed her more cereal, because she looked hungry... Now I think she must be thirsty and I don't know how to give her a drink without actually opening the cage ... do you think she could drink from a straw? 

OK, so here is my dilemma ...
Do I take her outside and turn her loose again? 
What if she comes back and we have a c-a-t? 
That would be sad now that we've become acquainted...
Should I get a cage and let the children keep her (Their suggestion ... I'm still thinking she'll be icky when she grows up just a bit. Those naked tails gross me out.). 

Of course, either of these solutions will mean I don't need Paris, the lovely long-haired black kitty I have my heart set on  ...

And here I sit, trapped in the house with a thirsty little rat in a cage pondering what to do...  oh my, I really am crazy.


  1. Your not ctazy! I have a soft spot for all critters. I have had many "pet" rats in my life. But I do not recommend makig a pet of a wild one. Turn it loose, you don't want it inside and you don't want to feed it to the cat! LOL By the way, by all means get a cat. What is home without a cat???

  2. Take it far far away and let it lose someplace in the wild. I'm not so sure the rat you have in the cage is the same rat as before. Do you know how the critters are gaining entrance to the house? You might want to adopt an adult cat if you want it to have any chance with a big ol' rat. A little kitten would probably not be strong enough against a rat. We adopted a three year old cat and she is a good hunter. Luckily we do not have any mice or rats in the house. But she attacks her mouse toys and brings them to me and lays them at my feet.

  3. LET THE RAT GO! Far away hopefully and yes oh yes get a cat. I agree adopt an older cat they are so in need of homes and while kittens are so very cute an older cat has charm!

  4. Get the cat...seal seal seal anyway getting in...I had some come up through pipes, and dryer vent. I got a cage for the vent and spray form for all lil openings i could find. They can squeeze through anything.

    C is for Cat

    Have a great week.


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