Thursday, April 29, 2010

O is for ...

Jenny Matlock

Oh is it Thursday already?!?

Springtime has me busy, busy and the days seem to be flying by.  Nevertheless, I must take a few minutes to play along with my Alphabe-Thursday friends.

So ...

O is for

Orange Mint
and Orange Marmalade!

Oregano, while being a common culinary herb, isn't one of my favorites.  I don't much care for the strong flavor of oregano, and use marjoram instead most of the time.  But, it is a pretty herb, good for italian dishes (if you like the taste), and even used for treating colds, flus, and other illnesses in some places, so you might like to give growing it a try. I do like Mexican Oregano, which is not a true origanum.  That might explain why I like the taste better.  It makes tortilla soup taste wonderful, and livens up a pot of beans or turkey chili like nothing else.  I've not had great luck growing it, but fortunately in Texas, it is easy to purchase dried in most grocery stores. 

Orange Mint is a beautiful variety of mint, with dark green, rounded leaves.  It doesn't seem to be as wildly invasive as some of the other mints, but I would still keep it confined.  It is nice added to the sun tea jar, minced and added to fruit salads, and so forth. 

And last on my short list today is Orange Marmalade ... yum!  I saw an Alphabe-Thursday post from Red Couch Recipes titled Orange Marmalade Cake ... I'll be making that one soon! 

I have another orange marmalade recipe to try Orange Marmalade Bars .  They look very tasty, though I know I'll have to do some tweaking to this one.  Looks like Kitchen Adventure time again!  I will definitely replace the shortening with butter, substitute honey or sucanat for the white sugar, and take out the almond flavoring.  I'll post my version once I have it just right. 

OK ... that's it for me this week, I need to get outside and rake more leaves for mulching the garden before it rains.  Tonight I'll be saying Oh my aching back! 

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  1. I've never heard of Orange mint. Hope your back feels good tomorrow, don't over do it ;-)

  2. o what a great post. i have seen orange mint but have never tried growing it. i do love oregano though ... it's one of the few things i can grow ... well that and rhubarb ...

  3. Orange marmalade I have had. I never learned to use spices so, I avoid them.

  4. Orange mint. Oh, I used to grow that in Ohio! What an amazing fragrance. And orange marmalade bars sounds Outstanding, too.

    Did you see the link for the orange marmalade cake?

    Oh my!

    Take the advil before you rake...sometimes that helps when I garden!

    Catherine, you make Alphabe-Thursday such a lovely place.

    Thank you!


  5. Catherine, it's orange marmalade for me! Thanks for another lovely post for Alphabe-Thursday.

  6. I saw some of the orange mint in the hardware store nursery sale the other day. I did not end up getting that one, but I did pick up some chocolate mint. OH my does it ever smell great!

  7. I so love orange marmalade and any of the mints...Lovely post...and thank you for your visit to mine and your nice comments...Peace

  8. We actually use a lot oregano in spaghetti and pizza sauce, but the flavor is pretty distinct. Orange mint in tea sounds lovely. Can't wait to hear how your Orange Marmalade treats turn out. I saw the cake recipe and am going to check out the bars.

  9. i like oregano quite a bit, but mostly prefer to use dried in many mint sounds great, i haven't seen that in the nurseries around here...we have 3 varieties in our garden--chocolate mint being my new favorite.
    Now...i cannot wait to hear about the marmalade bars...they sound divine! My mouth is watering. YUM!


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