Thursday, April 15, 2010

M is for ...

A messy miscellany of musings beginning with the marvelous letter M!

Morning photos ...

Easily amused, I am ... but this sinkful of suds and springy fabrics scented with Woolite brought back fond memories of Grandma!

The birds (wrens or sparrows?) are building a nest in the birdhouse gourd on the patio ... mesmerizing!

Men at work, tilling the ministry garden!

My hubby manhandling the tiller.  He makes it look easy (it's not...oh my... not for me anyway).

And finally ... Motel in the background of the ministry garden ... maybe not the most charming of places to stay.

Memories of a morning on the beach ... my how my babies have grown!

See what I mean ...

OK, now that I've meandered down memory lane and mosied by the ministry garden ...
I must mention at least one herb or I'll just feel like something is missing.

So, today's herb of the day is Mint.
Mint is marvelous, most delicious smelling, and a must for your garden as well as your teapot.  Many, many varieties of mint  are to be found - peppermint, spearmint, applemint, orange mint, lemon mint, even chocolate mint! 

Mint is also helpful around the house.  Ants get all mixed up when you put mint in their pathway ... messes with their minds or something! 

Mint essential oil in a bowl of steamy water is a momentous help when you have a stuffy head. 

Just be careful never to plant mint directly in the garden, it will most likely become a menace!  Put it in a container instead, where it can mind its manners

That's it for this edition of Alphabe-Thursday.  Visit Jenny Matlock for more fun with the letter M!


  1. That's good to know about mint and ants. Usually we get them in the house in the spring and just put ant traps out. Mint would probably be better though.

  2. Cute post! Love the scene on the beach. Mint is a favorite around here. I like the flavor in sweets and grow it in my garden to use in ice tea and for garnishes.

  3. I think you win the prize for the most m's. Nice post!

  4. I'm drooling over the colors of that fabric in the sink! I'm "M"arried to a "M"inister... Is that garden for "M"e? Cute young'uns! "M"ama "M"ust be proud!

  5. What a marvelous job you did with your M post. I love it! Thanks for sharing Catherine. I will be back. Drop by my M post if you get a chance.

  6. M's m's everywhere! Great M post.

  7. I remember we used to find mint growing wild when I was a girl. (Well, if some one had planted it, it was long ago.) I love it. Your memories are precious. I loved the soaking photo and the thoughts behind it and the beach picture. Your girls are lovely and the garden sounds like a wonderful idea.

  8. Lovely M's - I love mint too - just not in the open garden!

  9. Thanks for letting us meander with you through your memories. Those babies do grow up fast. Just a couple of days ago mine were the age of yours, but now they're all taller than me and in their twenties! How did that happen?

    Mint brings back memories of my own childhood in Arizona. Most people had swamp coolers then, and it was common to plant mint underneath them. The plants thrived in the warm moist environment (the coolers always leaked), and the house always felt and smelled minty fresh and cool. It was if the air cooled all of our senses.

  10. I love the photo of your children at the beach ... beautiful! and thanks for the info on mint ... i never knew that it confused those darn ants ... i might give it a try!

  11. Darling girls, do they help with the garden? It looks large! I have mint in the planter right outside my front door for my tea! Learned the lesson a long time ago about how it takes over but I did not know about it confusing ants and this is a good infor. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Wonderful post...I just love the beach picture...frame that one:-) The bird is a wren I think...BTW, after initial soil prep/de-sodding, I would go with no-till gardening...Peace

  13. We built an addition to our house on my mint patch, hoping it would kill it. It didn't. Tough stuff.

    Thanks for the meander.

  14. great M's, great pics and a hey, a herb that I actually know and able to find - Mint!

    thanks for your visit.

  15. What a magnficent and varied "M" post!

    I adore the fabric is all dreamy and watercolor-y and nostalgic...all at the same time.

    What a fabulous picture!

    Your family is lovely...and the garden looks so promising...

    Thanks for this peaceful and lovely stop on my little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "M"!


  16. Great M post! Love the beach shot, that really is a great capture. And I love mint, it's one of my favorites. But you are right about planting it in a container, that stuff will grow everywhere even if you have a black thumb like me. We don't have any dogs that I know of right now that fit the bill, but I see that you might be looking for a cat. I do know of a really great cat that needs a home and I need to find someone to take it soon because darling Cait has her eye on him :) Kathy

  17. There's nothing like fresh mint in a glass of ice tea on a hot summer day.

    I hope we'll see the ministry garden after things start to grow.

  18. I am glad you threw the mint part in...I like reading about your herbs.....
    I had to laugh that you fed the rat in the trap.......chickens and rats kind of go hand in might need a cat.....


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