Thursday, April 8, 2010

L is for ...


Lavender- One of my favorite herbs, yet sadly one that doesn't love my hot & humid Texas summers.  I do try to grow it and sometimes have a plant that will survive a few years if I'm lucky. 
Most often, I turn to Lavender essential oil when Lavender is needed in my home.  It has many uses and smells lovely, as well.  I use Lavender essential oil to ease a headache; just a few drops on the back of the neck or rubbed into the temples will often send a headache back where it came from.  It is also a great help for bug bites and other itchy, scratchy ailments.  I was stung by a bee last year and immediately rubbed it with a few drops of Lavender essential oil (it's a great thing to stick in your pocket on a hike or when you are heading to the garden), the pain and swelling was gone in just a few minutes.

Lavender is also popular in the kitchen, here is a recipe for Lavender Cookies, which would be perfect with a glass of Lemonade!

Lemon-scented herbs are high on my list of Lovely Things to Grow.
Lemon thyme- such a pretty plant and makes the best cupcakes
Lemon verbena (my fav. of the lemony herbs) - great for making a cup of tea
Lemon balm - simple to grow, bees love it, smells oh so sweet
Lemon scented geranium - lovely scent, perfect for floating in a little fingerbowl of water
Lemongrass- used in cooking and tea ... makes a lovely accent plant if you like large grassy things
Lemon basil- lovely in salads or with grilled chicken  I have seeds for a new to me variety, Lemondrop ... I think I'll try to make candies with it!
Plant a few lemon herbs in your garden, maybe even your own lemon garden (which I plan to do someday), you'll be glad you did!  And for those of you who keep claiming to have black thumbs ... plant Lemon Balm or Lemon Basil, they are very easy to grow, really they are. 

And if you'd rather cook than garden ...

These are the best Lemon Cupcakes ever! 
And to mix them up together Lavender Lemon Cookies ... these sound really tasty (all except that almond flavoring, I will leave that out ... love almonds, but not almond flavoring).

And now for my last L entry LATE ... these days I'm feeling rather like a character from Alice in Wonderland ...
I'm late, I'm late ...
spring is springing
and I have too many projects on my plate!

So until next week my Alphabe-Thursday lovelies ... Later!

Oh I almost forgot ... It's not too late for you to enter my Herbal Goodness Giveaway, but do it today! 

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  1. Ok, I love all of those L things, makes me think that l is my favorite letter of all time. lavender, lemon, lovely!

  2. Catherine, my post if also on lavender. I had no success growing lavender at first try, but now have a clump growing in our herb garden. It must like the pebble base. Lavender is one of my favorites. I use it's healing powers to keep my day calm. Come on over for a cup of lavender tea with a fresh lavender scone.

  3. Those are all great L's. I love the smell of lavender. I have some lavender sachets in my drawers. Makes everything smell so nice.

  4. I often feel like I am late, late for a very important date! Love your list of L's. The smell of lemons is so summery!

  5. I always enjoy your post because I plant so much of what you list. It is still Thursday so you are not too late.

  6. i do love lavender ... i would love to see fields of it growing ...

  7. I love the phrase " I'm late with too much on my plate".

  8. Lavender and lemon, two of my very favorite things. I've not had luck growing lavender in Central Texas either, but I've heard that there is a lavender farm a bit further south. I'm going to research it, maybe there are some hybrids that would do well in our climate. Kathy

  9. ooooooo. I can smell those herbs from here! Do you hear me sniffing?! I LOVE growing these delicious smelling pretties, too. Come on spring! I hopped over from Alphabe-Thursday and am so happy that I did! I am the new kid in class, and learning my way around. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day this week when you get a moment. I have become a follower and hope you'll do the same. until later...

  10. I love lavender. I would sleep on an entire mattress of it if I could!!

  11. what wonderful recipes. One of my favorite summer beverages is thyme should try it...steep fresh thyme in your sugar water for a couple of hours and use it to sweeten the freshly squeezed lemon. try it!

  12. Lemon and lavender - two of the nicest things in creation. Lovely post!

  13. I feel the same way. I want to get everything done while the weather is nice...before the real heat and humidity arrive. We have such a short time to do it all. Now I know why I've never seen fields of's too hot and humid here!

  14. Hi Catherine, what a luscious stop on the Alphabe-Thursday journey.

    My apologies for getting here late this week.

    I have had good luck growing lavender in Arizona if I mulch it heavily and plant it in a location with afternoon shade.

    But you have probably already tried that!

    Happy Thursday (on Saturday!)


  15. I love lavender and lemongrass!!!!

  16. Oh! Thank you for sharing your lovely recipes. And as far as late...sadly, I am the latest on the list! so, if you ever want to find me...just look at the end of Mrs. Matlock's lovely list and tah-dah...there I am!

    so fun meeting you here!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (trying to catch upon my blog reading! I'd love for you to stop by..)

  17. I'm afraid I'm late myself. We had a full weekend; so I'm still paying visits to Thursdays L posts. :) I love lavender too. Such a sweet soothing fragrance and oil. I also really like Lemon Grass. (We eat it in Thai food.) But I didn't realize there were so many other lemon-y :) plants. I always learn something here. I bet your herb garden is wonderful.


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