Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just So You Know...

rats will drink from a straw.  My daughter felt the little ratty deserved a drink after all that cereal.  The thing was strangely very calm ... perhaps she was once a pet, or she just felt so at home here she wasn't frightened. 

Ratty has now been released far enough away that she surely will not find her way back "Home".  At least that's what my husband says.  He was gone a rather long time ... which was somewhat disturbing. Wandering down a dark alley in my neighborhood is not the smartest, or safest, of things to do at midnight.  Of course, who would mess with a tired waiter carrying a rat in a cage, mumbling about his family squealing and squawking about rats in the house and then feeding them after he catches them??? Just another night at the Love Nest!

And I'm STILL getting a cat!  I warned Miss Ratty last night to tell all her little furry friends to find another place to scuttle about in the attic and steal food.  So there.  No more rodents for me.  Here kitty, kitty! :)


  1. Glad the Ratty is gone and hope he does not return! Good you will enjoy a cat....except for the litter they are easy to care for and VERY entertaining.

  2. ewww ... sounds creepy ... i'm not a rat or rodent fan at all, i dont see them as cute ... glad it's gone and bring on the cat!

  3. my husband's dear aunt always keeps a *mouser* or two around to discourage mice. i don't know what constitutes a cat being a *mouser* or not though - LOL.


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