Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Outdoors Challenge ~ Wildflowers and Such

A few photos from our wanderings during the Great Outdoors Challenge:


Not sure about this one.  Someone told me it is called Crow's Poison ... not a pretty name for such a pretty flower.

Dandelion ... a favorite of ours.

This is the view outside from my desk.  Looking at it from this view you'd never know there is a house just on the other side of the Nandina bushes.  It is a lovely shady spot to sit, and if you are very quiet, the birds and squirrels will ignore you and you can watch them building nests, bathing in the nearby birdbath and digging in the leaves for goodies.    It is a perfect spot for building fairy houses, which will be a project for this week, I think.

Sorry I've not posted many entries during the challenge ... but, we're having so much fun outside, I don't have time for posting much.  I also seem to not remember to take photos, I guess I'm having too much fun to bother most days.  I'll try to do better this week!



  1. Hello from a Farm Girl Friend. Love your blog.

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