Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Seed Share

I've been thinking I should do a giveaway here at Love Living Simply, and Earth Day seems like the perfect day for it. 

I've got lots of seeds in my seed box, I mean lots of seeds!  Not that having so many is a bad thing, but sharing my blessings with others makes me happy.

I purchased most of my seeds from favorite seed companies such as Botanical Interests, Bountiful Gardens, Seed Savers Exchange, etc.  I'm a goner when I see all those gorgeous seed catalogs arrive, and want to order almost everything in sight.  Some seeds have been gifted to me by sweet friends who know my fondness for all things green and growing.  And some I have saved from my gardens or brought home from a walk or wander.  

Sometime Saturday I'll draw a name from those who leave a comment on this post, and I'll send you a little assortment of seeds to plant.  I'll put in a bit of this and that to make things interesting.  I promise not to send anything invasive ... (Anne, no birdhouse gourds OK?!).

Those of you who keep telling me you have brown or black thumbs, now is your chance to try again.  I promise, if you'll just keep planting things, those thumbs will turn greener and greener.  A few dead plants just means more compost.  I still kill plants ... my very first raspberry vine was my most recent victim (a very sad occurence, too).  But, there will be more raspberries next year and I'll do a better job of getting that little thing planted right away. 

OK, so leave a comment, tell your friends to drop by and enter the  Earth Day Seed Share, and have a Happy Earth Day! 


  1. I would love some seeds to try. I have been wanting garden.

  2. Perfect day to have a give away of seeds! So nice to share your bounty.


  3. Hello Catherine,

    I found your blog through 5 Orange Potatoes and it looks great! I'd love to be entered into your seed giveaway. I've just built some raised beds to start a new garden after several sad years without one. A little assortment would be perfect for me right now!

  4. I would love to try this but our climates and planting times are so different. Someone will really enjoy this giveaway.

  5. Hi Catherine - Happy Earth Day to you too!!! Love to be included. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Michele (imspecl@HomesteadBlogger)


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