Friday, April 2, 2010

Ducky Dreams & Chicky Cuteness

Isn't that the cutest thing? 
I want one for Easter ... maybe two, I wouldn't want it to get lonely. 

Seriously, I asked my husband if a little duck pond would fit in the backyard,  the backyard that is currently under construction, or deconstruction in order to turn it into something other than ugly.  We've trimmed trees.  Oh the grey hairs that man gave me with that one, up a tree with a chainsaw in hand, hanging like a monkey, blowing in the wind...good grief; but the tree has been conquered!  We've removed overgrown, ugly bushes and relocated other plants, and still have a lot of work to do before the yard resembles anything close to the lovely cottage kitchen garden I have envisioned!  We are also in the process of building a home for a bunny (3 bunnies actually), and a chicken coop is next on the list (did I mention we live in town, are renters, and have a small yard?). 

So ... my husband was less than enthusiastic about my duck idea (He was rather enthusiastic about a silly shovel, which I tried to show some interest in ... whatever makes him happy...).  But, because he is the wonderful man he is, and almost always grants my dearest wishes... He said, "Yes, there is room for a small duck pen and a pond but (there is always a but it seems) someone (and he meant me) would have to clean out the duck pond every day (he was very firm about every day), because ducks aren't so smart and they make their water all nasty and someone  (me) will  have to clean it every day." (sigh) 

And, since I know that doing most anything every day is not really my style (hey, I do lots of things and I can't always get to them all every day, ok) ...

I'll just move the ducks and a pond to my wish list for when we have a real farm.  Then we can have a big pond and nature can clean up after the ducks so I won't have to! 

Beware visiting the feed and seed stores this time of year...

The cuteness is hard to resist!

Just so you know, these cutesy little Fruit Loop colored birdies will most likely all be roosters. So unless you are in need of an alarm bird or live on a farm, you should just take a photo, pry them from your children's hands, and move along ... though it won't be easy (someday I'm going to buy them just because they are so, so cute)!

Joyous Easter to you!


  1. Oh, good grief is right. I cringe every time hubby has the chain saw in hand. It's a guy thing and they just love it. So who am I to take that away. I just watch and pray, and pray and pray. Tomorrow the macho machine for the day will be the tiller. Our guys....we sure do love'em

  2. Awwww....I love the fruit loops colored Chicks! So sweet!

  3. Many thanks for stopping by my 'K' post- love yr blog! Will pop back to read tgrough earlier posts!

    Look forward to *seeing* you again ~perhaps tomorrow for 'L'?!!


  4. Just a thought here....I, too, am not a clean-it-everyday person. Fortunately for us, ducks do NOT need a pond! :0) They simply need a waterer in which they can dunk their whole heads. (They tend to get sticky eyes, especially as ducklings). I use an automatic refill water pan, which you can get for around 25 dollars at a place like Tractor Supply.

    Ducks, to me, are actually more economical to keep than chickens as they do not eat as much grain, and grow very well on a little feed, fresh grass, and juicy bugs! And did I mention the eggs are just awesome??? :0) I have lots more tips if you ever need some!



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