Seed Sowing and the Colors of Spring

... pink and green, my favorites!
Sage, Thyme, Dianthus, and Zinnias from years past, also some of my favorites. 

I'll be growing them all again this season and next, and the next...

I plant sage because it grows like crazy, is pretty, useful for hair rinses and essential for holiday cornbread dressing.

I plant thyme because it is simply lovely and so handy in the kitchen.

Dianthus is planted because it makes me happy with such cheerful flowers.

And I must plant zinnias because they remind me of Grandma who grew zinnias in her flower gardens every year without fail, a tradition I gladly carry on.

What do you plant season after season?


I'm planting seeds indoors today, and pondering this post about sowing seeds of an entirely different, though more weighty, kind. 

What have I sown that I, or those I love, will someday reap?

What do I plan to sow in the days to come?

How do I tend those seeds that are just beginning to sprout to insure they reach maturity and produce the desired harvest?

How about you?

Many questions today ... I'm sure it is Spring Fever!


  1. Oooohhh... great question for me to ponder today! Particularly the question you ask about how to tend those seeds to ensure that they produce the desired harvest is a big one. It's easy to plant seeds, but we often forget that there are things that we can do to nurture them into maturity.

    Thanks! Great post!


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