I is for ...

infusion, not to be confused with transfusion! 
OK, yes I'm afraid herbs and flowers beginning with I are a bit hard to find.  There is Iris, of course and Irish Moss, which is quite lovely; but that's about it as far as my memory bank goes (not that my memory is all that great by any means...). 

Nevertheless, today I'm going to tell you how to make an infusion of herbs in oil.  (If you read this post at The Renegade Farmer last week please don't tell Mrs. Matlock! Have you seen that look she gets when she's not happy, she's scary!  And besides, I did write this myself, it's not like I'm copying someone elses homework, you know) . 

So, here we go ...

Herb Infused Oils

Creating your own herb infused oils is easy to do and only takes a few items.
You will need herbs, a good quality oil like olive or almond, and a jar or other covered container (preferably glass).

There are many herbs that can be used to create herbal oils for skincare, healing wounds, soothing bumps and bruises, and so forth. Calendula makes an excellent oil for the skin, and is what is pictured above. I am also making Comfrey oil and Arnica oil for easing bumps, bruises, and muscle aches and pains. If you are just getting started making herbal oils, dried herbs are less tricky to work with and what I use most often.

I make my herbal oils using what is known as the simpler’s method, which is really quite simple!
Place the desired amount of herb into a jar. (Use a jar that will be filled almost to the top when the oil is added, too much air space can sometimes cause a problem with spoilage.)

Cover the herbs completely with oil adding enough to cover by about an inch or so.

Cover your jar with a lid.

Place it in a sunny spot to infuse for 2 weeks.

Shake your jar several times a day to stir things up a bit and help the herbs infuse.

After 2 weeks, strain the oil through a piece of cheesecloth or muslin fabric into a clean container.

If you want an extra strong infusion, add more herbs and let it sit for another 2 weeks and then strain again.

Now you have a beautiful herbal oil to use!

If you’d like a nice fragrance, you can add a few drops of an essential oil to the jar. I like to use lavender essential oil when making skin care products. It smells wonderful and is good for the skin, as well.

I hope you will try creating your own herbal oils, it is a fun activity and the resulting infusion is a lovely thing!

*Herbs can also be infused in water, resulting in a lovely herbal tisane or tea; but I'll save that for another day.

OK, now that my homework is done, I'm off to the zoo with my children ... perhaps we'll see an Ibis or an Ibex, or some other Incredibly Interesting creature! 

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  1. Wonderful post as usual. Thanks for the instructions on this.
    Hope the zoo was fun. I'm going to a rehearsal dinner tomorrow evening that will be held at the African exhibit in the zoo. Should be a special evening and perhaps a future post.

  2. I have forgotten about Herb Infused Oil.
    I used to have a few for massages.
    lovely post, thank you.

    Happy Thursday!

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  3. That doesn't seem hard at all. I really enjoyed learning about infusing. Thanks.

  4. Oh neat! I'll have to look up uses for various herbs, this looks super easy! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm a huge fan or rosemary infused olive oil....and great Italian bread.....YUM!

  6. Very nice post. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Today would have been a perfect day to go to the zoo today here in Pittsburgh, hope you had a good time. I love your banner did you take that picture? It is beautiful! Warm hugs, Esther

  8. Catherine, I love that Renegade Farmer site. I am going to send that link to my daughter.

    And this herb infusion is really interesting.

    I have a lot of fresh herbs growing in the garden and there is a wonderful olive oil mill fairly close to the house.

    I will definitely try this!





  9. This looks like something I could do. Thanks.

  10. I would love to try this, and you gave wonderful instructions. Can you recommend any good sites for the various herbs and what they are best for? Great post! Kathy

  11. I am ready to make some herb infused oils. If I wnt to make it for sensitive skin what would you suggest? My grand daughter has very dry skin and I would like to use this for her. Could you suggest a good combination? Thank you so much for this information, I blogged about lavender rice bags to help with sold sleep!

  12. have a wonderful day at the zoo! herb infusions sound quite interesting ... i think i will give it a try in the summer

  13. Thanks for the kind words ladies :) !
    I will post about sources for herbs, websites, and herbs for sensitive skin soon :) .
    I love talking herbs LOL!

    The zoo was lots of fun, too.


    Catherine ... could use a massage with some herbal oil about now ... I've been gardening today, and I'm tired!

  14. Esther,
    Yes, I did take the photo, thank you for the kind words :) .
    Catherine ... who is grateful for kind words this evening, it's been a doozy of a day!

  15. I had a garden overun with calendula a couple of years back...at first I was excited to see them come up and then I was overwhelmed when they just took over...it was like mint...CRAZY.....now I know I could've made an infusion with them...darn it...

  16. I stand in awe of people like you who can make things! That's amazing!

  17. Wow, this is cool! As always, thank you for sharing your knowledge. What a simple, easy to follow explanation. I think herb infused oil could make really special gifts too.

  18. Thanks for the instructions for herbal infusions! Hope you had a great trip to the zoo!


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