H is for ...

Jenny Matlock

you know what I'm going to say, don't you? ...


Herbs are helpful, healthful, and make me very, very happy!

Here are a few of my favorite H herbs ...

Hawthorn- helps keep the heart healthy.

Horsetail- excellent herb for your hair
horsetail=healthy hair
(I should get extra credit for including math in my ABC post, don't you think PJ?)

Hibiscus flower- gorgeous red flowers and this is what gives the Zing to those Zinger teas.

Hyssop- Bees love Hyssop, so plant some in your herb garden to attract buzzy bees for good pollination.

Horehound- OK, does this name give you weird visual images (or is it just me...my brain works in weird ways my husband says) ... anyway horehound is good for hacking and coughing and often used in herbal cough remedies, which I could have used this past week.

Holy Basil- I love basil- sweet basil, lemon basil, purple basil, lettuce leaf basil ... Holy basil is one I've not grown before; but since I've read all of the things it helps with, I think I'll add holy to my basil line-up!

OK... those are some helpful herbs for you to try.
Now for one of my favorite flowers that also begins with H-
Helianthus , otherwise known as sunflower! Sunflowers make me happy, how about you?

And one last flower for the letter H...

Hollyhock- great for an old-fashioned cottage garden ... or for discreetly marking the spot where ladies might find the outhouse! Seriously, they used to plant hollyhocks by the outhouse so people wouldn't have to ask ... just look for the hollyhocks and that's where the potty goes...maybe that's why they grew so tall...

I hope you enjoyed this week's Helpful Healthful Happy Herbs post.
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  1. Love those Herbs my dear:-) Thanks for this lovely post...Peace

  2. I love herbs too. Thank you so much for the reminder.
    Happy Thursday!





  3. H herbs...
    H for honey..because my honey wants an herb garden...an indoor one (we live on a farm so im not getting that exactly) lol
    but it looks like H for herbs is in my future.
    And that is certainly not a bad thing :)

    Happy H day to you and delighted to be here:)

  4. I love the Heianthus!! Our state flower!

  5. horsetail - what do you put that in?? i'd like better hair :D

  6. You know so much about herbs! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! We have a great store that has all sorts if dried herbs, I am thinking I need to wander over to that section ASAP!

  7. My husband plants sunflowers every year in the front. I didn't like them at first but I love them now. He still has to get the stalks out from last year though so he can begin a new this year. The thing we have a problem with is the squirrels getting them LOL.

  8. Muse,
    I use horsetail tea as a hair rinse :) . You can drink it, too ... but it does have other actions, so I stick to a rinse. You can make a strong tea and soak your fingernails in it to strenghten them as well.
    Catherine :)

  9. Great information! I'm looking forward to starting an herb garden of my own very, very soon.

  10. great info on herbs and who doesn't smile when they see sunflowers?

    thanks for your visit

  11. I definitely think you should get extra credit for including math! And I had no idea about holly hocks....

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will enjoy reading this blog as well as keeping up at HSB. Gotta love those herbs.


  13. Wow! What an educational post on herbs. You taught this old dog a few new things.

    Thank you for the nice comment you lift on my overloaded hat post.

  14. Catherine: Great post!! Wondered if you've had trouble with japanese beedles swarming and devouring your basil plants? I had so many on my basil last summer......and those darn beedle traps did not work!...I always plant sunflowers in the front of our porch; they are gorgeous and the yellow finches love to eat the smaller seeds...we grow the 12 foot sunflowers in the pumpkin patch and cut the heads off in the fall for the birds to eat. I'll be planting those seeds this year too.

  15. Hey, great post! I love herbs..just don't have the time to plant a garden of them...
    So I'll come here and learn what to get at the Farmers Markets! Thanks for stopping by mine too...

  16. I thought of horehound too...funny...it makes great lozenges...I love herbs....so how do you use horsetail? Happy h day! Melinda

  17. Great post and thanks for all the helpful hints!

  18. I just wanted to say Thanks for stopping by for my "H" post.. It was great to read yours and meet you..

    Have a great weekend..

  19. Catherine, helpful healthful happy herbs is a super post! Great job! I've added myself as a follower. I so enjoy visiting your blog.

  20. wonderful herb post, i love hollyhocks, so pretty!!!

  21. Were you so looking forward to H day? :) Thank you so for sharing your wisdom and joy of herbs.

  22. Catherine, what an absolutely holiday of information about herbs!

    You are a wonderful student!



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