Uninvited Guests

Something has been afoot in our household lately:

Yes, this little rat, which looks much, much smaller and cuter in the trap than he did when we bumped into each other in my dark bedroom (I'm sure I woke the neighbors). I wandered into the bedroom and apparently startled my "guest", who ran across my bare foot (rat feet are creepy), and caused me to scream and jump and act otherwise insane. My husband came in to find me perched on the bed, pointing at the closet door like a mad woman ... "It's in THERE!", I squeeked. He laughingly went in to shoo away the offender and was rewarded with a rat climbing his pants leg, the outside thank goodness (though it might have been rather entertaining had the little fellow taken the tunnel ...). Needless to say, I did not sleep well that night. Or the next.

After the vistors, we discovered that ratty had brought along friends, got brave enough to start dashing about the kitchen at all hours of the day; I put my foot down and said somethings got to give and now!

So... being the kindhearted souls that we are (and being grossed out at the thought of a squished rat), we bought a live trap to catch the little creatures. First my husband set up this crazy homemade trap using a plastic tote, a marker and a ball of yarn. It actually worked and he caught the first little rat in a few minutes. The other 2 weren't so simple minded. When he tried this method the second night, the rats followed the string from the trap right up to where my husband was sitting on the floor! I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't watched it with my own eyes ... perched safely in the other room with my feet up off the floor, of course.

We caught the "sort of cute" creature in the photo on Saturday night, and another one last night. That was 3, and I was relieved thinking that at last all of our uninvited guests had been relocated ... until I walked into the kitchen this morning to find a hole chewed into a garbage bag and a trail of evidence proving otherwise. There's another one, ack! I'm beginning to wonder if they are just coming back "Home" ...

My project for this afternoon is researching what herbs and other natural things I can use to send these univited guests packing for good!


  1. Oh my. You are braver than I, sister.

    Call me heartless, but I'd go for squished rats. :-)

    I'm having visions of Ratatouille as you tell your tale.

  2. A cat is a serious consideration at this point ... though I'm not sure the birds will appreciate a cat moving in!


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